Top Tips for Shopping for a Cordless Drill

As a homeowner or contractor, there is one tool that you are going to need and that is a drill. This is the most used tool in the box, being used for the most mundane tasks right up to the most technical of jobs. So we thought we would give you some information on ways to decide which drill is best suited to your needs. Basically you have 2 choices the corded or the cordless drill, we will be looking into the cordless.

Questions to ask yourself before buying.

  • How often will I be using the drill, will it be for long periods?
  • Do you need a lot of power with a hammer drill function or will a simple drill driver do the job?
  • Will I need a 3/8 inch chuck or a ½ chuck?
  • Battery size I will need for my jobs?


Probably the most important specs when it comes to selecting your drill, you will find that most come with a high torque now a drill with high torque are going to serve you well when it comes to driving large screws and bolts into the timber. Next is the clutch a good drill should have a number of clutch settings so the user can switch the setting from heavy-duty work to more delicate jobs where power isn’t needed. Variable speed also plays a big part in getting the best out of the drill, these usually range from (300-400 rpm) to (1200-1500 rpm) the first normally is selected for normal screw insertion while the second would be selected for the drilling of holes and into the concrete .

Chuck Size and Type

You really only have two choices here, 3/8 inch and ½ inch if you select a drill for just normal every day use then it will come with the 3/8 as standard and will be well capable of completing most tasks. If you are going to be drilling masonry then you would more than likely need the ½ as masonry bits can go to this size and greater.

Battery Voltage

Shopping for a Cordless Drill  All cordless drills have different battery sizes, the most common is the 18 volt and the 24 volts. There are others butCordless Drill Batteries these are not really recommended as if you need to replace the battery you will have a hard time finding replacements so stick to the standard ones. For most home users the 18 volts will be all that they need, with the modern batteries now coming with the drills they produce enough power and length of use for most home remodeling tasks. But if you are going to be doing some serious drilling jobs then you need to go for the 24 volt, these are best suited to contractors and homeowners embarking on large remodeling work on the home.

Battery Types and Charges

The first  Shopping for a Cordless Drill cordless drills used to come with CN batteries but these were not the best for staying power and used to run out of juice very quickly. Today’s drills come with the more efficient Lithium batteries, these are far superior and last much longer and push out plenty of power. A good choice when selecting your next drill is to find one that comes with two batteries as this will save you time in the long run as you can have one charging while using the other.