Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

The Milwaukee 2691-22 compact drill combo kit offers superior heavy-duty performance in a single package. The combo kit includes a compact driver/drill and a volt compact driver/drill—both 18v. Other products include 2 lithium-ion batteries, a charger, a carrying case, and one belt clip. The batteries feature the new Lithium-ion battery technology which is not found with older tools. With multiple speed triggers, battery fuel gauge and a compact design, the 2691-22 combo kit offers on-hand performance for working professionals. Check this article for choosing the best compact cordless drill for your needs.

Features of the Milwaukee 2691-22 Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Long-Lasting Battery:

Designed to be 50% smaller and 65% lighter than traditional batteries, the Milwaukee lithium-Ion battery offer superior performance. The two lithium-ion batteries retain 30% more power than standard NiCad batteries enhancing your productivity time. An inbuilt fuel gauge alerts you to the amount of runtime you have. Use two swappable batteries which can be charged within an hour ensuring that you’re always on the move. The batteries are equipped with over-molded housing and recessed terminals to protect them from on-site damage. They are also protected by high capacity battery packs and the patented Red Lithium battery technology.

Flexible Control:

Weighing less than 5.5 pounds, the drill is light and easy to work with. It doesn’t put as much strain on the wrist reducing the risk of fatigue. The compact drill/driver is equipped with adjustable speed ranges designed to give you more precise control over your projects. Choose from speed ranges as low as 0 to 450 RPM or as high as 1 to 1800 rpm. Its ergonomic design is optimized for comfort, control, and mobility.

Superior Compact drill performance

Capable of generating 400inches/lbs. of torque, the compact driver/drill delivers powerful results during projects. It is considered to be the most powerful tool within its class. It offers more run-time, complemented by its lightweight and comfortable size. It sports a 24 clutch setting and a side handle optimized for control and handling during extensive projects.

Superior Compact Impact Performance

The compact impact driver is estimated to be 70% faster than similar drives within its class. It offers twice as much runtime and is equipped with a speed trigger that offers a variable range from 0 to 2200 RM. The impact driver also sports a frameless motor and built-in LED lights for more efficiency at the workplace. Weighing only 3.5lbs and only 5 inches long, the impact driver is comfortable and easy to work with. It delivers 1400 inch-pounds of torque.

Milwaukee 2691-22 – Best Drill Driver Set for the Money

I wanted to say right from the start that there is no other drill driver set that offers better value. The first thing you notice is the case that they arrive in. It is what I would call a proper case that is man enough to do the job. I’ve lost count of the number of times I see new tools that come in sub-standard cases. If you buy a top-notch tool you want to look after it and the Milwaukee case is built to last.

In terms of performance, both tools are exceptional. The torque available on the compact drill is as high as I’ve seen in an 18-volt drill. The variable speed is great for allowing you to use a slower and steadier speed for some of the harder jobs. This is where torque comes in again; the slower speed has enormous torque whereas the faster speed allows you to do jobs quicker where there is less resistance. The drill delivers full power even as the battery goes low so that you get the most from each battery before swapping out to the second battery, while the first battery is charged.

Milwaukee vs Makita Drill Set

When searching for a drill/driver set, most people will narrow down the search between the Milwaukee 2691-22 here and the Makita set. I thought it would be worthwhile doing a point-by-point comparison. First off, while the Makita is slightly lighter, the Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 has better ergonomics – it feels better to hold and this actually makes it less tiring to hold for long periods compared to the Makita. As I already mentioned, this Milwaukee comes in a great case but the Makita is in a bag, which will probably last for 6 months before you need to replace it.

There are some features and areas of performance that make the Milwaukee 2691-22 kit stand out. Firstly there is the battery charge indicator, which with Lithium-Ion batteries running right up to the last minute, the gauge tells you how much life you have left. This means you can charge the battery before you use it or at a suitable moment, rather than have it die on you at an inconvenient time. The bit storage on the Milwaukee is a great feature. The impact driver of Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 provides performance that is the best in its class. The 1400 in-lb of torque makes it much more powerful than others in its class such as the Makita, and the Dewalt for that matter.

Lastly, there is the matter of price. The Milwaukee beats the Makita hands down so that it not only offers better performance but at a lower price.

Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 Features

As a new home builder, I’m always looking to use tools that make my life as easy as possible and are able to stand up to the punishment I give them day in day out. The Makita 2691-22 also offers many useful features to add to its ruggedness and versatility.

The light is a great help when in dark or awkward corners allowing me to see clearly what I’m doing. In fact, I sometimes use the light even when I’m not actually drilling. The belt clip is a great feature that I’m using all the time as it means I can have both the drill and driver with me all the time.

The fuel gauge is invaluable as I can check the level and decide whether to swap batteries before I start out in the morning. The battery life is in any case very good and they are fast charging. When you compare it to Ni-Cd, for example, there is a huge difference. One thing I really like about Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 is that all their M18 tools share the same batteries and chargers. This allows you to buy a bare tool such as a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw and you can move the battery around from tool to tool as required. As well as the cost-saving, I find it makes everything more portable since I don’t have to lug so much equipment around with me.

Plenty of Power

If you haven’t experienced the Milwaukee drill and driver before, the first thing you will notice the tremendous power. The drill will make 1/2″ holes through 1/4″ steel plate without the slightest hesitation. Certainly driving or drilling in even the hardest wood is straightforward. The variable speed on the trigger is great for allowing you to harness the power in the best way for the job at hand.

Impact Driver is an Indispensable Tool

It is amazing how many builders and contractors I come across who don’t have an impact driver in their toolset. I remember I bought my first one expecting it to be left in my toolbox most of the time but I ended up needing it on the first job of the day and I’ve used them regularly ever since. The driver in this kit will take out rusty and weathered screws with ease. No more will you need to use drill torque and the resulting damage to screw heads. It might take you some time to get a feel for deciding which tool to use for a particular job – drill or driver. But you will always have in mind that the driver has the sheer power to cope with the hardest jobs.

Great Ergonomics – Light and Balanced

When using these tools for hours at a time it is essential to have a drill and driver that are comfortable to hold and use. The Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 kit offers two lightweight tools that balance perfectly. In fact, you can see how balanced they are when clipped on to the tool belt. There is something about these tools that I can’t quite explain apart from to say they just feel superior, you feel like you are in touch with the wood or whatever material you are drilling or driving.


For superior performance in the workplace, the Review About Milwaukee 2691-22 combo kit is an ideal option. The ¼ inch hex compact impact driver is the most powerful driver in its class and can be used for a broad range of applications such as fastening pipe hangers, switch plates, outlet boxes and pipe couplings. The Milwaukee Lithium-Ion driver/drill offers 100% more bit retention than any other drill. This combined with the tools’ lightweight, compact size and powerful torque delivery makes it a suitable tool for fastening, running copper pipes, drilling metal and most heavy-duty drilling projects.