What Makes Hitachi Impact Drills Works Faster

Professional service from plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and carpentry, clients always demand quick and fast service. To meet the demand of the clients, having a reliable power tool plays a bigger part. With a committed passion for innovation and development for power tools, Hitachi focused on taking the step of improving their power tool to perform faster with high durability. The new range of brushless motors guaranteed increase power that manages to do greater workload capacity than the conventional brush motor gives.

Brushless Motor Reduces Electrical:

The brushless motor operation reduces electrical losses and improves a longer running time. It saves you with the approximate 23 percent power unlike the brush motor easily losses its power that happens between the carbon brushes and commutator. This occurrence requires maintenance. With the brushless motor, there is no need to do maintenance for the motor is designed to operate in a longer life span resulting in 1.3 times more output that drills down both screws and holes harder and faster.

The Cordless Impact Drill with Brushless Motor:

The cordless impact drill with brushless motor is operated by the Lithium-Ion batteries. Making it last longer, it has the multiple protection circuit that protects your batteries from overuse, overheat, overcharge, and over-discharge. Providing power with convenience, the ergonomics is maintained with its lighter weight, smaller size, and compact. It also has the Electronic Control feature that allows you to choose multiple speeds to make accurate drills suited to the material you are working. The electronic switch adds battery running time with the conserve energy. You can select between continuous impact mode and single impact mode for greater convenience.

Here are the upgraded range of brushless tools: DS14DBL – 14.4v Driver-Drill, DS18DBL – 18v Driver-Drill, DV18DBL – 18v Impact (Hammer) Driver Drill, WH14DBDL – 14.4v Impact Driver, WR14DBDL – 14.4v Impact Wrench, WH18DBDL – 18v Impact Driver, WR18DBDL – 18v Impact Wrench and the DV14DBL – 14.4v Impact (Hammer) Driver Drill.
Hitachi Impact Drills Works Faster

Upgrade your cordless drill with the improved performance and faster Hitachi impact driver.

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