Porter-Cable 9966 12-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Review

I have had my PC 12V drill for 8 years of medium use. Excellent power/weight ratio with no need for more voltage. Replaced one battery at 3years and replaced the replacement last month. One of the original batteries is still going strong. The only downside is the battery replacement cost is high.

Product Features

  • Powerful Grip-To-Fit cordless drill/driver delivers 385 in./lbs. of torque
  • The customizable handle allows users to create an ergonomically correct grip that fits
  • Keyless ratcheting steel chuck for quick and easy bit changing
  • The rechargeable 12-volt battery delivers long-lasting power
  • Includes two 12-volt rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, a double-ended bit, and a shock-resistant carrying case

Product Overview

Imagine the feel of 385 inch-pounds of torque in a compact package. That’s what this great drill/driver delivers inPorter-Cable 9966 the lock-up position, powered by a 12-volt battery. Because of the two-speed gearbox, you’ve got drill speed ranges of 0 to 425 rpm and 0 to 1,300 rpm. Its 1/2-inch chuck is keyless, and the 20-position clutch takes care of drilling into all kinds of material. You’ll never regret a Porter-Cable purchase. their drills are among the best on the market. But here’s one more reason to go with this model if you’re in the market for a cordless drill/driver. the interchangeable Grip-to-Fit handle inserts. Having grappled with tools handles that were too big to control, we think this system is a great idea. There are manly sized grips included, of course, but for the woman woodworker or cabinetmaker, welcome to a delight–small grips! You just can’t go wrong with this. 

Poor Customer Service :

They do not service their own items and the companies that do are few and far between. The balance of quality and power are not equal. If you push this drill to operate as it is advertised you will ruin it. Mine sparks every time I let go of the trigger. It has been used four times and all of the drillings were into softwoods. Buy a Dewalt if you want a quality cordless drill.



  • I have the previous plastic case version of this tool. It has given good service since 1999. I wore out the second set of batteries and bought the 9966 because the batteries were compatible with my old tool.
  • The new PC drill has been used maybe 10X. It looks near new. The gearbox broke and it won’t shift into low gear. The metal case also cracked by the gear shift.
  • I used the heck out of the old tool and it still runs strong. This new replacement is a downgrade. The gearbox should not break.
  • Glad the new warranty is 3 years. Now I hope it can be repaired.
  • I would not buy one of these. After thinking about it, it seems a very stupid idea to use die-cast or injection molded metal in an application that is expected to receive impact loading such as a portable power tool.

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