Porter-Cable 9877 14.4 Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill Kit

This particular cordless drill was used by me daily to install windows, sliding doors, mirrors, etc. for about a year before I had to replace one of the batteries (hey, it happens). In that time I used all of the features with equal ease. I left it with my partner after I injured my back because the drill he had was not nearly as efficient as my P-C.

Although it has since disappeared, I look forward to purchasing another one in the near future. I know there are other makes and models out there, but for the price, I couldn’t ask for more. Although the batteries wear down quite quickly in hammer drill mode (I would expect that) it has the power and speed to be used daily out in the field of installation.


Hammer Drill Weakness

try something else – – I’ve had this cordless for a few years, and it has some major weaknesses. First, the hammer action is far weaker than expected, even for a cordless. P-C (last I heard) was using the same hammer motor for all 3 sizes(voltage ratings). Also, I have gone through several batteries. Even bought new, they have fried quickly.I have since heard from other contractor types complaints about P-C batteries- weak, go bad or dead quickly.

Thirdly, even though I use my gun mostly for driving short screws to hang pipes, I’m a plumbing contractor, my high range only slips now, and the low range is starting to go too. It’s not the deal I thought it was for sure. On the pos. side, it has a good feel, balance, and torque that I’ll be looking for in my next cordless.

Power Tools 

Not even worth the made in Mexico price Not sure why PC decided to export their manufacturing, but their latest Porter-Cable 9877line of power tools is far lower quality than it was 5 years ago. Their power/speed ratings are overestimated, and reliability has been poor. I’ve returned two of these and finally got a Milwaukee.

Now, that Milwaukee is astonishingly good. Made in Germany, it is precise and powerful. Try watching your drill or driver bit in the chuck as you pull the trigger. On both of the PCs I returned, there was clearly some wobble (did not spin cleanly on its axis). I bought DeWalt that did the same thing, and the gear changing on the DeWalt was atrocious (3 gear model). The Milwaukee was close to perfect.