Milwaukee 2601-22 Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee is a good old all American tool(though produced in China). It is quality all the way which is proven by the heavy-duty, dual speed, all-metal gearbox. The Milwaukee 2601-22 is not an exception. This power tool with its compact motor delivers 400 in.lbs of max torque out, which is extremely powerful. The compact and lightweight(4 lbs) design let you work in confined spaces with no problem at all.

The inbuilt LED work light ensures that you don`t lose your drill spot in dark places. The chuck grip is top-notch with the Yukiwa chuck. This cordless drill from Milwaukee is powered by the long-lasting 18v Li-ion battery.

Who Is The Milwaukee 2601-22 Cordless Drill For?

There is no doubt that this 18v Lithium-Ion drill is extremely powerful and that Milwaukee is a good, quality tool, Milwaukee 2601and is therefore very popular amongst construction workers, carpenters, and other professionals. B

ut when you can get a quality tool like this for under $200, this drill should also be a no brainer for home users that use their drill a few times a week.

With the 400 inch-pounds of max torque and the dual speed option, you can use this drill for a lot of tasks. The compact design and the 4 pounds of weight let you work longer with less user fatigue. The Milwaukee 2601-22 is actually one of my friends(a contractor) tool of choice. He claims that this is the best cordless drill he has ever owned(and he has owned and used a few).All in all a powerful tool that suits both professionals and the home user.


  • Very powerful. With the 400 inch-pounds of max torque, no task seems to tough for this power tool from Milwaukee.
  • It comes with 2 18v Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries have a longer lifecycle than the ni-cad batteries and have the ability to hold a charge between uses. The batteries are charged by a 30-minute charger.
  • Lightweight and compact. This cordless drill only weighs 4 pounds. You can work for a long time with less fatigue.
  • The price. It is which is over $130 saved compared, to the
  • Comes with a 1/2″ chuck which means you can use larger drills than you can use with a 3/8″.


  • Produced in China. This American tool should`ve been produced in America.
  • A drill and bit set isn`t included in the box. If you need one, read my article
  • The 30 minute charge time is ok, but it is not top-notch.
  • For instance, comes with a 15-minute rapid charger.

Where Can I Get The Milwaukee 2601-22 For The Best Available Price?

Last time I was on my local retailer I saw this cordless drill for $398 which is a total rip off. This is a quality drill, no doubt, but $398 is just too much. As always I did some research online and I finally found it on Amazon for $179. I doubt you can find this drill any cheaper than that, but please let me know if you can, so I can update this article.