Milwaukee 0880-20 18-Volt Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

We thought we would take a look at cordless vacuum cleaners, after all, it’s all very good having the latest cordless power tools at your disposal but after you have finished all your drilling and cutting you are going to be left with a pile of debris to get rid of. Now you could always get your wife or partner to follow you or you can invest in an industrial cordless hoover. So we thought we would look at the Milwaukee 0880-20 18-Volt Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum as this machine seems to cover all the requirements you will need for the cleanup, being able to tackle fine dust, larger chunks of debris and water or other liquids that you might happen to spill. This model seems to be about the right size for making it easily portable to the job site or around the home workshop.

Attractive Design:

Milwaukee 0880

We were very impressed by the design, which has been done with the user in mind they have made it easy to use practical and has plenty of performance features. Being Milwaukee 0880 takes the convenience of use up a notch, and as the cleaner works off the 18-volt Milwaukee slide-on batteries, including NiCd and lithium-ion your not restricted to using the battery on just your industrial cleaner interchange them with your other cordless power tools. Or if you are buying any new cordless tools simply buy any of the Milwaukee tools but select the ones that can be purchased without a battery and save yourself some dollars.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Looking more like a toolbox than a vacuum cleaner, it comes with HEPA filters which means it traps 99.7 percent of Milwaukee 0880fine dust. The filters are re-usable you just take them out and wash them and put them back and you are good to go again. This vac is quite a beast when it comes to power, the suction you get is very impressive be it water or debris you are removing from the floor. An added bonus at the flick of a switch and you have a powerful blower in your hands. Not short on accessories the wet and dry vacuum cleaner come with a washable filter, hose, attachment for getting into crevices and corners and a utility nozzle. The only downside is if you don’t have Milwaukee batteries already you will have to purchase them.


We liked the fact that it is truly compact and portable and being cordless stops all the hassle that comes when using corded vacuum cleaners. One battery fits all Milwaukee power tools with slide-on battery fixing. A very good warranty period all contained in a toolbox design case and the suction to blower option.


They could maybe redesign the tank rim to make it easier getting rid of the liquid when emptying the tank, small irritation though overall a good investment for a clean working environment