Hammer Drill Reviews – Hilti or Dewalt?

For the construction professional in both commercial and residential business, a hammer drill is a tool that is a must-have. Like most other tools, those who are looking to purchase a hammer drill want to ensure that he or she gets the most for their money. During the past, there have been many brands that were considered contenders for top of the line hammer drills although problems with quality have limited the competition down to two main brands: Hilti and Dewalt.

These two brands have long since stood for quality, and one can expect that he or she is getting a quality product no matter which brand he or she chooses. However, there are a few aspects to each drill that make one better than the other.

Hilti Hammer Drills Review

Hilti has been known for many years for its black powder nail guns. This tool made Hilti a household name for both commercial and residential construction workers. From this tool, many began to purchase Hilti brand products over other high-end brands such as Bosch.


While Hilti is a top brand and has a slight edge over its competition with the components and their size, it also will cost the potential buyer dearly in a monetary sense. Those looking to purchase a Hilti hammer drill can expect to pay over three hundred dollars for a corded hammer drill that is considered professional grade. Although there are some versions that are much cheaper, these are not considered commercial grade hammer drills and should only be used for residential projects.

Dewalt Hammer Drills Review

Dewalt has a number of hammer drills to choose from for a variety of purposes. Their residential construction line Hammer Drillsold at home improvement warehouses is great for residential projects although they may not stand up to commercial usage. However, Dewalt tools have been known for their quality and one thing that sets Dewalt apart from other high-end brands is the price.

Dewalt has remained relatively reasonable with their prices over the years while other brands have increased their prices while reducing quality. One can expect to purchase a commercial-grade corded Dewalt hammer drill for less than one hundred and fifty dollars, which is half of the price of other brands.

Our Hammer Drill Conclusion

As most commercial contractors will agree, Dewalt is the best brand when compared to the Hilti line. Although the quality of the two hammer drills remains relatively equal, the difference in price is why Dewalt usually wins this battle. Even if the Dewalt hammer drill lasted only 75% of the lifetime that the Hilti does, the Dewalt costs 50% less to purchase, which makes the Dewalt brand a better deal.