How To Drill Glass With Your Cordless Drill

Drilling in glass may seem like a hard task. Glass is a very hard material, and unless you use the right tools and method it is likely that it will crack. In this article, I will show you the exact method I use when I drill glass. I will also reveal what cordless drill I use and the best drill bits for glass. Drilling in glass doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow this “how to drill glass with your cordless drill” guide I’m about to show you and drilling in the glass will be a piece of cake. Before we actually start working with the glass you need to be certain that you have the correct tools for the job.

Use the correct cordless drill

For this task, I would at least use a 12v drill. The reason for that, is that you don`t want to empty your battery in just a few holes. Glass is a hard material and if you use one of the smaller drills, you need to charge all the time. Also, make sure the drill has adjustable speed. For this kind of tasks I always use my Black and Decker LDX120C,a 12v lithium drill with adjustable speed. A good power tool from Black and Decker that never lets me down.


Best drill bits for glass:

You can t just drill through the glass with any drill-kit. It needs to be drillbits in hard materials like tungsten carbide or diamond. I like the diamond hole saw best for this task because if you use regular diamond drill bits you need to drill a pilot hole first, and use bigger and bigger drills until you ve reached the hole diameter you desire. I have a 1/4″-2″ diamond hole saw kit I use for drilling in the glass. Go to my personal choice of diamond hole saw kit here.

Preparations and measurements on the glass

When drilling in the glass you don t want to get too close to edges and corners,as this is the glass weakest point, and it is more likely for the glass to crack if you are too close. I recommend no closer than one inch to corners and edges. When you ve decided where you want to drill and what dimension,it is time to start measuring on the glass. Use masking tape and put a layer of it on your drilling spots. This way it is easier to mark your measurements with a pencil, and it is easier to hold on to your spot once you start drilling in the glass.

Drilling of the glass

Now you should have some layers of tape with a pencil crosses on. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray the drilling area with water. There are two reasons for this. No1 is safety. When you keep the glass area wet, you prevent particles of glass flying around and possibly hurt you.No2 is to keep the glass cool to prevent it from cracking.

You should also keep spraying the work area and the hole saw while drilling to prevent to much heat. Start with really low speed and let the diamond hole saw grind itself into the glass. Don`t push to much. As the diamond hole saw grind, you can slowly increase the speed on your cordless drill until the hole saw is through the glass.

This is it for this guide. If you have any questions regarding drilling in glass, please leave a comment below or send me a message and I will answer as soon as possible.