Dewalt DC970k-2 18-volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit Drill Review

Dewalt DC970K-2 Compact Drill/Driver is an 18v drill, and the term power tool gets to a new dimension with this cordless drill from Dewalt tools. With its powerful and high-performance motor, it delivers as much as 380 unit watts out. The compact size and the lightweight makes it suitable for difficult conditions such as tight spaces and over your head drilling. User fatigue isn’t really a case with this power tool from Dewalt.

The dual-speed options range from 0-450 rpm for bigger holes and dense materials, and the 0-1500 rpm option for smaller holes and normal sure driving. The keyless 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck ensures a tight bit grip.

Who is this Dewalt DC970K-2 Cordless Drill battery drill for?

The Dewalt DC970K-2 is for the picky handyman and for the grandmother that is hanging up pictures. The compact size makes it very suitable for tasks such as drilling under a kitchen sink. Though this isn’t a hammer drill, it is still perfect for drilling in concrete and masonry, with it 380 unit watts out. At the risk of being sexist here, I would say that the drill is perfect for women with small tasks such as screwdriver because of the lightweight design. For construction workers and carpenters, I wouldn`t go for this 18v Dewalt cordless drill if I were only going to buy one. Then I would go for the Dewalt DCD970KL with hammer function. But if you are a professional and have a cordless hammer drill, and need one in spare this is the perfect one.

Pros and Cons of Dewalt DC970K-2 Cordless Drill


  • Extremely powerful. No task is too big for this 380 unit watts out battery drill.
  • Lightweight and compact design. With its 5,2 pounds, it literally eliminates user fatigue. You can go on and on forever. (or to the battery is empty and you need to replace it with the fully charged spare one) The compact design allows you to work in tight spaces.
  • Keyless chuck that ensures a tight grip. With the 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck you can be certain that the bits and drills don`t release during operation.
  • Dual speed options range from 0-450rpm and 0-1500rpm makes this cordless drill a good multi cordless drill.
  • The price. This is the best 18v cordless under a 100 bucks. Yep, that’s right.


  • It doesn’t have an LED light, so it isn’t suitable in dark spaces. If you need one with a LED light I would add $50 and buy the Dewalt DCD760K
  • No battery indicator. You can`t actually know for sure when your battery is close to empty, so be sure to always have your spare fully charged.
  • The Dewalt DCD970K-2 18v drill/driver kit doesn`t actually come with extra bits and drills. I recommend you also purchase this!

Where can I get Dewalt DC970K-2 Cordless Drill at the Best Available Price?

I’ve seen this battery drill at retailers for as much as $189. Though the DCD970K-2 is one of the best cordless drills in the market today,$189 is a total rip off. I’ve done the job for you and the best available price I`ve found so far is online for $99 at

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