Review Of The Cordless Drill Bosch PS20-2A

The Bosch PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver with Two Batteries delivers big power in a small package. The PS20-2A weighs forty percent less than any of the other ultra-compact drills/drivers currently available. This is an almost ideal tool for carpenters, remodelers, electricians, woodworkers, and do-it-yourselfers of any and all kinds. This driver can be invaluable as an addition to a workman’s tool chest.

12-Volt Litheon Batteries Deliver Long-Lasting Power


The Bosch PS20-2A receives its power from Litheon batteries, Bosch’s advanced lithium-ion batteries. These batteries carry more battery charge and provide longer runtime. They also do not experience the memory effect. So the Litheon batteries do not need to be empty before you charge them. The batteries can also be removed from the charger before the battery is completely charged. Litheon batteries experience significantly less self-discharge, unlike typical Nicad batteries. So the battery should be ready to work when you are. The Bosch charger features electronic cell protection that guards against overheating, overload, and deep discharge. 

Compact, Lightweight Design

The Bosch PS20-2A measures only 6.0 by 6.5 inches (15.25 by 16.5 cm) or only a little more than half the size of stick drivers and other ultra-compact drills/drivers. It weighs in at just 1.8 pounds (0.8 kg) with batteries installed. It is very light and easy to handle. Its compact, lightweight design and engineering make for efficient, fatigue-free work. The Bosch PS20-2A’s compact design makes it simpler for you to drill straight holes at odd, high angles.

Cordless Drill Bosch PS20

Not having to figure out how to reach these angles will allow you to accomplish more professional drill/driving tasks in a day, all without excessive wrist and hand fatigue. Carrying the Bosch PS20-2A is also simplified by its small size and weight. Carry it in your pocket if you want or hang it on your tool belt. Or you can just keep it in your nail pouch when you’re busy climbing ladders or moving from job to job.

High Torque and Fast Speeds

Belying its small size, the Bosch PS20-2A provides over 100 in./lbs. of torque. That figure is 25% more torque than other comparable models. This equates with very efficient drilling and driving. The Bosch PS20-2A drives up to 100 three-inch screws per battery charge and drills holes up to 1/2-inch in diameter. The PS20-2A also delivers variable speeds up to 500 RPM, again 25% more speed than comparable drills. You will work faster and better.

10+1 Clutch with Max Setting

The 10+1 clutch system works similar to that of standard size drills/drivers. The Bosch PS20-2A offers 10 drives and one “Max” drill setting for control, precision, and comfort. These settings eliminate over-torque in softer materials. That Maximum setting also allows for accurately drilling pilot and other small boreholes.

Ergonomic Soft Grips

Cordless Drill Bosch PS20

In addition to it is lightweight and profile, the PS20-2A reflects the great ergonomic design. Soft grips to hold on to make your hands comfortable over extended work periods You can work all day without wearing out your wrists and hands. It is also easy to keep bits handy, because of the PS20-2A’s “Clic-Change” bit holder, which also makes 1/4-inch hex shank bit changes a snap. Moreover, the magnetized chuck secures the locking bits.

Variable-Speed Trigger and Forward/Reverse Button

The PS20-2A easily drills holes up to 3/8 inch in wood. For steel, holes can be driven up to 1/4 inch. A variable-speed trigger ensures finger control sensitivity for optimum precision and high-quality results. For more added versatility, you can use the forward/reverse button for either driving or removing screws.

User-Friendly and Durable

A motor brake utilizing an improved design makes serial screwing easy. The metal clutch ring is engineered for long-Cordless Drill Bosch PS20term durability. In addition, an LED helps to provide illumination in dark or enclosed work areas.

Bosch’s ProVantage Guarantee

The PS20-2A comes with Bosch’s ProVantage three-year protection plan. This guarantee warranties two years of battery protection and one year of tool protection. The Provantage plan provides two years of free battery replacements and one year of tool replacement. The second and third years of the guarantee provide a free tool repair package. This, of course, is in addition to’s satisfaction guarantee if you buy through their link. This item also qualifies for free shipping through Amazon.