Bosch HDS181-02 Cordless Drill Review

The Bosch HDS181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion cordless hammer drill is ready for any material from concrete, wood, or metal. It’s lightweight and compact. The heads length is only seven and a half inches which is one of the smallest in its class. The featured kit contains two slim 1.5 Ah high capacity batteries which last 50 percent longer than standard batteries and includes an electronic battery life gauge. 

this drill is compatible with all Bosch 18 volt lithium-ion batteries including the 1.3 Ah slim pack battery, 2.6 Ah fat pack and a 3.0 Ah high capacity fat pack battery that can drive up to 500 screws per charge. These options provide you the choice of having a lightweight battery for quick jobs or if longer use is in need you may opt for the fat pack. Please consider the fact that having an extra battery can provide you with the best of both options.

Bosch cordless drill work

This Bosch cordless drill work at two speeds. One optimized for high torque from 0-500 RPM and another ideal for high-speed applications from 0-1700 RPM. Maximum torque at 600 inch-pounds. The 4-pole open frame motor provides the power. The HDS181-02 housing is constructed out of ABS and nylon composites. This makes the housing flexible and can withstand impacts and drops as high as 10 feet.

Cordless Drill Bosch PS20

A ratcheting single sleeve half-inch keyless chuck makes bit changes easy and quick with just one hand. The handle of this drill is ergonomically designed with a soft grip to help working more comfortable for longer periods. There are LEDs that illuminate when working in dark or enclosed areas.

Bosch HDS181-02 Cordless Drill Reviews

While researching the Bosch HDS181-02 we found over fifty reviews online. Most of the reviews were positive and Cordless Drill Extrasdetailed. Some reviewers pointed out that they have done a lot of research between other brands before deciding on the Bosch cordless drill. The HDS181-02 was said to be light and compact as stated in the overview. It is even lighter with the larger battery than most drills at the local hardware store, mentioned by one reviewer. Many were very pleased with the fact that this drill came with two batteries.

The high capacity battery charges within a half-hour while the slim pack in just fifteen minutes and can last a day and a half according to the reviews. Another reviewer said that they went through over one hundred screws without issue and had still had power left over for more work.