Best 18V Cordless Drill, My Personal Wish List

You can get an 18-volt cordless drill in many variations. You can get it with different speed, chuck size,battery-type, weight, size, LED light or no LED light, Dual speed or single speed, 18V Cordless Drill, etc.

I will list the three best 18v cordless drills of my personal choice. I will focus to on quality over price.

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Dual speed
  • At least 1/2″ chuck
  • LED work light
  • At least 400 lbs/inch max torque
  • 6 lbs of maximum weight

1.Bosch HDS181-02L

When I first tested this cordless drill from Bosch I fell in love. I have never tested an 18v cordless drill before with that amount of power.600 inch/lbs max torque is just awesome and no task seems to be too tough for this power18V Cordless Drill tool.

Bosch has put their heart into this 4 pole, high-performance motor with 0-500/0-1700 rpm (dual speed). The new gear train and clutch system(a Bosch patent) make this drill compact and lightweight with its 3,6lbs and the drills flexible power system(DD and HDD) makes it compatible with any to Bosch 18v Lithium-ion battery. The comfort of this drill is very good.

2.Panasonic EY7450LR2S

This is the best 18v cordless drill Is suitable from ever tested to from Panasonic. In the box with this powerful tool, it is included two of the extremely powerful and long-lasting 3,3 AH Lithium-ion batteries. The power out is just fantastic, and the manufacturer specifies 478 in.lbs.of torque, which I have no problem to believe as I was just amazed at the tough tasks this machine was able to do.18V Cordless Drill

The 17 stage clutch positions and the dual-speed to option (0-430 rpm/0-1650 rpm) makes the Panasonic EY7450LR2S a great multitool, and it everything like hanging a picture to drill a 1 7/16″ hole in wood or 1/2″ hole in metal.

3.Makita BDF452HW

This cordless power tools from Makita must be one of the best 18v drills on the market today. This Makita comes 18V Cordless Drillwith two LTX lithium-ion batteries, which has 2,5 times to longer life cycle than the ordinary ni-cad battery and a 15-minute rapid optimum charger.

This is the drill with the shortest charging to time I have seen so far is $289.99.More info on the Makita BDF452HW here.